Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 30, 2014 at 10:33AM

Sweet Ride, Boulder and Fleet!

Thursday morning sketching at Roos. I need to come up with a cute little car for these guys to ride around in.

#inktober #boulderandfleet #bears #birds #animals

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 29, 2014 at 08:50PM

Nobody drives Cap'n Cat's boat but Cap'n Cat!

Another #inktober sketch. Could Cap'n Cat and Maggie show up in the Boulder and Fleet webcomic? Sure, why not?


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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Boulder and Fleet!

My new webcomic, Boulder and Fleet, Adventurers for Hire, has begun updating! You can follow along on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Tapastic, or Google+. It will update every Monday.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 26, 2014 at 02:56PM

Pick and Crunchy

Taking a break from the Boulder and Fleet Inktober sketches to wish my creative partner and pal +Rob Stenzinger a happy birthday!

Pick and Crunchy are characters from Rob's comic Art Geek Zoo, which you can read for free here:

Also check out his interactive eBook that teaches you how to make video games:

#inktober #sketches

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